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Take the Church Builders Better Life, Better Leader, Better Church, Better World challenge (CBx4).  Answer the questions below that pertain to your category of interest and then score yourself or click the submit button to send us your answers. 
(Pastor, Principal, Teacher, Director, etc.)
(Paid or Volunteer)
(Whole Organization)
Do you live a balanced life with time and energy to pour into your spouse, family, and extended family?

Do you take time to rest, reflect,
and recharge so you are defined on your passion, core competencies,
and reasons for serving as a leader?

Do you enjoy life?

Are you being mentored/discipled by someone?

Are you mentoring/discipling someone?

Can you name 5 people in your organization that you consider a close intimate friend?

Can you name 5 people/non-believers outside of your organization that you would consider a close intimate friend?

Do you exude an energy, passion, and concern for people that keeps them coming back?

Do you refer to reports regularly that allow you to gauge the growth of your team, your organization, and your budget?

Do you have an organization that is built on the giftedness of God’s people or do you have a organization that is built on you?

Do you execute according to a pre-written strategic plan that provides structure, focus, and accountability
to you and your team?

Do you have a team that can articulate the unique vision and purpose that God has put in your heart for evangelism and discipleship?    
Do you have a team that is focused and works independently of you because they are clear on their objectives and take initiative to complete them?

Do you receive positive feedback regarding the quality of your team and the sacrificial servant attitude they carry with them?

Do you use a plan that includes commitment agreements, expectations, routine tasks, and roles for each person on your team?

Do you use a process for recruiting, hiring, and training that identifies behavioral preferences and matches them to the right role?

Have you built sacrificial leadership into your training, job descriptions and created a culture of mature disciples who are eager to lay down their lives for those whom they lead?

Do you provide the vision, passion, and leadership skills to effectively lead the equipping, educating, and discipling of the organization?

Have you identified the core values, methods, and reporting mechanisms to create an organization that can be lead with or without you?     

Do you know which strategies are bringing people who do not know Christ to your organization?

Do you identify what the felt needs are of those in your community?

Do you consistently communicate on a weekly basis to your community in a way that creates interest in your organization and draws out the felt needs of your community?

Do you have a plan in place for how you communicate and follow up with people who have attended your campus once, twice, three times, or regularly?

Do you have a plan for people who attend your campus regularly but remain inactive in serving and carrying out the vision of the organization?

Do you send out from your organization passionate followers of Christ who have been trained for discipleship ministry?

Have you identified your organization’s role in the global advancement of Christ’s mission?

Have you identified the strengths and weaknesses in your plan to disciple your committed followers?

Have you identified strengths and weaknesses in your plan for effectively introducing new comers
to your organization?
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We believe God is more interested in, and people are more impacted by maturity and character than ability and skill.
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