You cannot live above those you
serve.  If you want to touch the sky,
learn to kneel.  You want to be a
great leader?  Commit yourself to
being slaughtered on behalf of your
team so that they might live.
Heart of sacrifice = strong leadership. 
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Luke 22:26-27 "...But it is not this way with you, but the one who is the greatest among you must become like the youngest, and the leader like the servant.

APPROACH:  The act of drawing near...
If you agree to lead, you agree to serve.  You can gauge your heart of service by how you react when someone actually treats you like a servant.  How do you react when someone treats you with insult and disrespect?  Do you choose to serve and honor that person or do you retaliate?  If you are in a position of widespread influence, you are called to serve.  If you are in a position of little influence or recognition, you are called to serve.  The position that you occupy is immaterial.  The condition of your heart is essential.  The inspiration to serve is never mastered by a job description.  It only springs from singleness of heart to Jesus Christ.  C.S. Lewis described hell as the place where everyone is permitted to be a master.  The wise leader understands that the APPROACH to genuine growth, maturity, loyalty and development happens through creating a community of better servants.  The misguided leader controls, protects, and demands in order to establish territorial rights.  For the misguided leader synergy is lost as the team moves into deeper and deeper isolation from one another in order to protect their rights, ideas, and privileges.  To crave abundance is to crave Jesus.  To crave Jesus is to serve like Jesus.  Out of abundance flows joy, love, and freedom.  Abundance must empower the vision, mission, and culture of your organization's APPROACH.  The transformative power of abundance is cultivated and released through choosing to serve. 
Our deepest longing is meaning.  What is the meaning that drives your staff?  Without meaning your staff's initiative implodes.  When your staff adds  depth, passion, and purpose to their meaning and those around them, you unleash the creative potential.

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Reckless servant hood stems from living a life that is not defined, scripted, or controlled by expectations.  If I am completely free from expectations and opinions I take criticism, ridicule, and misunderstandings far less personally. I am able to serve...
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Our unique, climactic, and decisive approaches are designed to challenge you to a better life, position you as a better leader, encourage a better organization/church, and create a better world.
A Unique, Climactic, & Decisive Approach To Building His Kingdom Come
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We believe God is more interested in, and people are more impacted by maturity and character than ability and skill.