- Role & Identity -
Our deepest longing is meaning. What is the meaning that drives your life?  Without meaning your initiative implodes.  When you add depth, passion, and purpose to your meaning and those around you, you unleash the creative potential for the individual and the group.  What is the meaning behind what you do?  What are ten words that would describe your identity?

- Personal Alignment -
(D.I.S.C. / P.I.A.V. / V.A.K.)
The most effective people are those who understand themselves, first their weaknesses and then their strengths.  Learn to develop strategies to meet the demands of your environment.

- I Am Statements -
Reckless servant hood stems from living a life that is not defined, scripted, or controlled by expectations.  If I am completely free from expectations and opinions I take criticism, ridicule, and misunderstandings far less personally.  I am able to serve unconditionally/recklessly even when my servant hood becomes like slavery with very little positive feedback.  Reckless servant hood is the most powerful factor for building morale, sustainable growth, efficiency, and loyalty among a leader’s team and constituents.

- Leadership History Quiz -
The greatest detriment to your spiritual growth and leadership potential is you.  The one common thread for every underperforming sector, division, or problem in your organization or family is you.  Admit it and grow.  Deny it and continue on a self-defeating path of irrelevance and ineffectiveness.

- A Theology of CBx4 -
(Better Life, Better Leader, Better Church, Better World)
When you realize that everything that you use or have is an undeserved gift from a gracious creator your countenance more clearly reflects joy, gratitude, and generosity.   Focusing on the fullness of your creator is a daily discipline.  The more you focus on your creator’s fullness, the more you perceive your own emptiness.  As the creator fills the secret, empty recesses of your soul your countenance reflects the creator’s fullness.  Leaders and followers are desperately seeking those who carry on them the fragrance of Christ. So why do so few seem to wear the person of Christ like a garment or perfume?  The challenge is that the fullness of your creator is not something that you acquire.  It is freely and extravagantly given.   What lacks is the discipline and resolve to commune intimately with the creator’s abundance.

- Vision -
Thoughts that direct us to the tree of life (the cross) lead us to submission to Christ.  Thoughts that direct us to the tree of knowledge lead us to selfish ambition, pride and ultimately self-destruction.  To be built up in love is to be crucified with Christ.  The process is always more anguishing than expected but the resulting beauty of a life transformed is beyond imagination.  Peter is a picture of the tree of life process.  He journeys through disappointment, frustration, betrayal, and regret and surrenders to Christ his broken life.  Judas is a picture of the tree of knowledge.  He journeys through disappointment, frustration, betrayal, and regret and surrenders to his own tree in a field which ultimately led to self-destruction.  To properly live and be built up in love is to let Christ destroy your old self, like Peter.  If you are tired and disenchanted you are in a very sacred place.  Christ is pushing you to eat from the tree of life.  He’s leading you to the cross.  He’s building you up in love.   He’s helping you discover that your relationship with Him is not cream puff ideas of how to have a better day but instead an intense love affair that demands your body, heart, mind, and strength.  

- Mission -
You free your team from concern when you -  1.  Equip your team with the tools they need for their project. 2. Listen and respond to interruptions in order to keep them operating fluidly. 3. Administrate details that keep them focused on their core competencies and high priorities. 4.  Pre-plan their projects and tasks.  Practice these disciplines and you will free yourself and your team from concerns that will rob each of you of effective participation in the group effort.

- Culture -
Define your culture and environment as you lead.  Otherwise those whom you serve will define it for you.  Chaos follows permissive.  Cohesion follows beneficial.

- Group Development Vs. Situational Leadership & Cues / Signals -
To effectively lead is to draw out the creative capacity of those whom you serve.  In order to attract, engage, nurture and inspire the individuals you lead you must be far more concerned with seeing them exercise their freedom and far less concerned with feeling that the full extent of your authority, knowledge, and strategy is felt and understood by your team.   To attract and nurture talent demands that you limit your freedom to make room for the initiative, energy, and activity of those you lead.
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You cannot live above those you serve.  If you want to touch the sky, learn to kneel.
You want to be a great leader?  Commit yourself to being slaughtered on behalf of your team so that they might live. Heart of sacrifice = strong leadership.
A Unique, Climactic, & Decisive Approach To Building His Kingdom Come
We believe God is more interested in, and people are more impacted by maturity and character than ability and skill.




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